Virginia Craft Brewers Guild

2022 Virginia Craft Beer Conference

The Virginia Craft Beer Conference (VCBC) focuses on topics that help brewers in the Commonwealth produce world-class craft beer. This year, the Conference was held virtually and featured guest speakers and peers sharing information and best-practices on quality, technology, good manufacturing practices, safety, workforce training, marketing, yeast management, and other topics. 

DAY 1 – JULY 25

2022 Craft Brewery Trends for Sales & Growth – Jordan Boinest, Arryved

After the last couple of years that turned the hospitality world upside down, you may be wondering where your craft business falls among others nationwide. Join this presentation where Arryved POS will discuss results from the 2022 Craft Brewing Trends Survey. Learn from other breweries that shared:

  • Historic sales and channels
  • Projections for the coming year
  • Growth opportunities

Craft is all about community and collaboration. Join us to learn from breweries just like yours and from those you aspire to be like! 

Changing the Gamification: Why paper passports are a thing of the past Emilie Harris, Bandwango

In this session, the technology company, Bandwango, will share learnings from beverage association partners who transitioned paper check-in challenges to digital passports that reward drinkers for visiting breweries. These passports have helped associations work more collaboratively, fundraise, and communicate the value of craft beverages in their communities. With powerful tracking and seamless technology, Bandwango works with associations throughout the United States and Canada to launch paid and free passports that spotlight craft breweries and their partners. 

Beer Soluble Hop Compounds: Translating Raw Hop Aroma to Finished Beer Aroma – Jim Lambert & Ashleigh Hayden, Yakima Chief

The problem of translating raw hop aroma to finished beer aroma has been a brewing pinch point for years.  Utilizing lab analysis from GC-QTOF and GC-SCD while merging sensory analysis, Yakima Chief Hops has identified several beer soluble hop compounds.  This research allows brewers to utilize hops for increased and targeted aromas in finished beers in the most cost-efficient way.

Actionable takeaways/Learning Objectives:

  • A description of the research conducted and its culmination into a graph of survivable (beer soluble) compounds by variety
  • An in-depth look at each of the survivable compounds identified
  • Methods for using beer soluble hop compound research to design efficient recipes
  • Targeted expression blends and how they manifest in beers
  • Attendees will receive a digital reference manual detailing the research and a digital poster showing beer soluble hop compounds by variety.

Brewer Apprenticeship Training & Safety/Operations CertificateDr. Victor Gray, Executive Director, MSI

The program will focus on the requirements for a safe working environment and an understanding of the required quality and tasks needed in a brewery that meet Good Manufacturing Practices for Craft Brewers (GMPCBs).  The program will also unveil a new Brewer Apprenticeship program to develop a pipeline of qualified talent for craft brewers.

Creating Strategic Goals – Why is it important and where do we start? – Austin Bunn, Ballad Brewing

If you are interested in creating diverse opportunities and an inclusive organization, but are overwhelmed, this seminar is a great place to start. Specifically, knowing where to start making the change in an organization. In this presentation, we will talk about what makes diversity important in craft beer and how we can go about making impacts to further inclusivity both with our employees and customers. We will discuss real life examples from marketing and management teams that show how to create and implement goals to get you started, or help you continue, in reaching a larger audience from inside out of your organization.  This session will build upon the BA’s Diversity Ambassador’s “2021 Fans, Hands, and Brands” program.

DAY 2 – JULY 26

What Technology Do You Need to Run Your Brewery? – Alec Johnson, Ekos

Ekos recently published an original research report which analyzes the tech solutions that breweries use — from inventory management and POS to accounting and ecommerce. In this session, we’ll share the findings from the report, plus case studies from small, medium, and large breweries that are using technology to work more efficiently and grow their businesses.

2022 Regulatory Update – Travis Hill, CEO, VA ABC

The Virginia ABC staff will discuss 2022 legislation, regulation, and craft beer issues including the upcoming ABC Administrative Code review process, delivery permits, tied-house reforms, expediting distribution agreement terminations, and temporary distribution agreements.

VDACS: Resources for Growing Virginia Craft Beer – The Honorable Matt Lohr, VA Secretary of Agriculture; Rob Davenport, Director of Marketing, VDACS

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will discuss legislation, regulation, and resources for growing the craft beer industry including the new VDACS manufacturing permits, the Virginia’s Finest brand, agricultural suppliers, export assistance, and farm brewery participation in the Virginia Wine Distribution Company.

Craft Beer Tourism – Rita McClenney, President, VA Tourism Corporation

VTC will discuss craft beer tourism resources including the leveraged marketing program, cooperation for innovative beer trails, and the state tourism plan.

From the Logo to the Tap Room – Matt Pennetti, Ashleigh Road

Brand is more than a logo and a slogan. It’s a lifestyle, experience, your people, and your community.  This session will explore how branding is an experience and a journey for the customer starting with their internet search for “Best breweries in Richmond” to walking out the door with beer to go.  Your product will speak for itself. You just need to get them in the door and create a loyal customer or someone that will spread the word.  Use your brand to attracts customers that feel some ownership to your business.  This session will cover the following topics:

  • Visual branding – logos and websites
  • Customer journey – how your business appears in an internet search, to the website, to the taproom, to your staff
  • Social media – building a social calendar and presenting your business with consistency. Tools, tips, and tricks to make life easier.
  • Q&A Session – Ask the experts followed by an open invite for free creative consulting for all of VCBG members.

DAY 3 – JULY 27

VDH-VDAC Regulation of Breweries WorkshopOlivia McCormick, Virginia Department of Health

The VCBG worked with the VDH last fall to update the VDH-VDACS Memorandum of Understanding to ensure that breweries were regulated only by VDACS unless they operated an on-premise restaurant. This update was recently published and our recent edits are specific to pages 4-6 of this document.  Join VDH for a workshop to review this regulation so that your brewery is clear on the interpretation established by this agreement. 


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