Virginia Craft Brewers Guild

2024 Collaboration Beer Project

We are excited to kick off the 2024 Collaboration Beer Project. The group has decided on a Blonde Ale recipe. All Guild members are encouraged to look at the recipe and begin planning! The goal of the Collaboration is for beers to feature local ingredients, so use as many Virginia-grown products as possible. Beers will be featured on the Virginia Gold Road craft beer trail, promoted by the Virginia Tourism Corporation, driving thousands of consumers to your tasting rooms and online stores. Collaboration beers will be completed by August for presentation during Craft Beer Month. 

There will also be a fundraising opportunity this year. For one week in August, proceeds from the sale of the Blonde Ale will be a fundraiser for the VCBG – Collaboration participants can select the week or day to fundraise that works best for them! Fundraising is not required to participate in the Collaboration, and each participant chooses the percentage of proceeds to donate.

Brewer Information

  • The aim is to use as many Virginia-grown products as possible.
  • Any adjuncts must be Virginia-grown, such as fruits, vegetables, spices, etc.
  • Information on places to source your ingredients and supplies is under development.
2024 VCBG Collaboration Breweries
2024 VCBG Collaboration Breweries

Sourcing Information


    Blue Label Packaging Company will donate the labels for this project and offer three different labels: 3.625″x8″ (12oz), 5″x8″ (16oz), and 6″x10″ (32oz crowler). The only cost the brewery will incur is shipping. When you call or email, let your representative know this is for the Virginia Craft Brewers Collaboration Project, and they will apply the discount.

    Any questions can be directed to, or you can call 866-506-2583.  

    2024 Guild Collaboration Beer Label
    2024 Guild Collaboration Beer Label

    White Labs offers a 25% discount on any guild member’s yeast order for the VCBG Collaboration Blonde Ale. This equates to about ~$110+ in savings per 10bbl. To redeem this offer, please get in touch with your account manager, Jacob Hoover, at or 858-267-7691 to schedule your order. 

  • HOPS

    Hopsteiner is delighted to provide the hops for the 2024 Collaborative Blonde Ale. In addition to the legacy hop varieties, they are offering several different options, including new-generation varieties.

    The recipe presented calls for Magnum for bittering and Willamette for finish. While these are both tried and true varieties, there is an opportunity to switch to more modern hops, which focus on a smooth, clean bitterness and a fresh, delicate aroma. A suggestion would be to use the modern alternative hops but keep the finish hops the same and adjust the bittering hops as necessary to hit your target IBUs. For bittering, they offer the alternate choice of Helios, a super clean, super high alpha variety. For finish hops, they offer Contessa, a lovely, soft American style “Noble” variety. For more information about both these hops, click here.

    To request hops for this year’s collaboration beer, please complete this form and return it to Steve Bradt (

Label Artwork

A new label will be designed for this year’s Collaboration Beer.  New label art will be sent to all registered breweries.

Click the button above to register for the collaboration beer and receive sourcing information and the final label art. Breweries that want to participate must register by May 31st.

Note: If your brewery has the capacity and would like to collaborate with smaller breweries on a collaboration brew, please indicate this on your registration form. Likewise, if you are a smaller brewery who would like to join the fun and partner with someone, please indicate that on your registration form.