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Contact: Steve Bradt
Cell Phone: 785-307-4587 Website: Hopsteiner
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Hopsteiner is a sixth-generation hop farming family that farms, breeds, trades, and produces the world’s finest hops and hop products for both large and small breweries around the globe.

Hopsteiner partners with large and small breweries in both foreign and domestic markets, offering unique varieties from across the globe. Aside from commonly found public hop varieties, Hopsteiner’s breeding program has developed several unique hop varieties such as: Sultana™, Eureka!™, Apollo™, Bravo™, Calypso™, Delta™, Lemondrop™, and Super Galena™. These varieties balance strong agronomical traits with unique aromas and hop characteristics that are truly one-of-a-kind.

At Hopsteiner, we continuously improve in the development of our crops, supporting agricultural sustainability, while investing in consumer and environmental protection. It is our mission to produce the highest quality hops and hop products for complete customer satisfaction and care. We are and always will be dedicated to the success of brewers, delivering the best hops and hop products available.

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