Mid-Atlantic Brew News Tasting Panel #4, Call for Entries April/May 2021, Entry Receipt Deadline: 3/1/2021

Mid-Atlantic Brew News Tasting Panel #4, Call for Entries April/May 2021, Entry Receipt Deadline: 3/1/2021

March 1, 2021 all-day
Steve Frank
(301) 300-4127

It’s time to submit beer, cider or mead for the 4th MABN Tasting Panel! We’re hoping to have the beers, cider or meads submitted and received by 3/1/2021, so if you want to participate, please respond to Steve Frank immediately at mabntastingpanel@midatlanticbrewnews.com.

For those of you who are new to this list or unfamiliar with the program, the Mid-Atlantic Brew News Tasting Panel reviews new and seasonal offerings from Mid-Atlantic breweries, cideries and meaderies and is managed by Steve Frank. This is a call to submit one of your products for the April/May 2021 issue. This tasting occurs in early March, which is just around the corner—the tight time frame is intentional so that we can review fresh product. Please reply to this email promptly to indicate your interest in participating and Steve will guide you through the process. If you are not the person who would organize such participation, please forward this email to them.

A few more details… to ensure a wide variety of reviews, the MABN Tasting panel is limited to one sample per company. Additionally, each issue we hope to feature a completely different lineup of breweries/cideries/meaderies than were included in the previous issue. We’re interested in featuring brand new and seasonal releases, which can be in any style; our only requirement is that you expect these brands to be available during the published dates of the upcoming issue, February/March 2021. You can see the most recent tasting panel in our online edition here: http://mabnonline.beeriodicals.com/display_article.php?id=3907441&view=693849
If you’ve just heard of the MABN Tasting Panel, we’re hoping your company will participate! I will continue to add beers/ciders/meads to the tasting panel list from the first companies that reply until the panel list is full for this issue. Please do not ship any packages without first contacting me by email (mabntastingpanel@midatlanticbrewnews.com) or text message to 301-300-4127.

Thank you!

Steve Frank
Tasting Panel Manager
Mid-Atlantic Brew News