Virginia SBDC Craft Beverage Conversations

Virginia SBDC Craft Beverage Conversations

March 23, 2022 @ 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

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Staying Above Board: Regulatory Compliance for the Craft Beverage Producer  


 The regulations involved in making, serving, and distributing alcohol are some of the most complex faced by small-scale manufacturers.  For producers, ensuring compliance can be confounding or arduous.  In this webinar, Virginia SBDC Craft Beverage Assistance Manager Chris Van Orden will ask Kevin Anderson, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Alcohol Consulting, about how to build a compliance plan and avoid the most common regulatory slip-ups at every stage of growth.    


Speaker: Kevin Anderson 

 As a Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority special agent, Kevin Anderson was on the lookout for regulatory violations, underage drinking and other vices. Today, he has switched to the business side of the alcohol industry— navigating state and federal alcohol regulations for his winery, brewery, distillery, wholesale and retail clients. After leaving the Virginia ABC Authority in 2015 Kevin became a consultant with ABC Consulting and, a national consulting firm based in Virginia that offers state and federal licensing assistance along with compliance and consulting services. Kevin was named 100 People to Meet in 2020 by Virginia Business.