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Virginia Craft Beer Run – Racer Asset Package

Thank you so much for signing up to support Virginia’s Craft Breweries as they face the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions!

A big part of The Virginia Craft Beer Run mission is to get craft beer enthusiasts, runners, and others from all over Virginia involved with this race, and to do that, we need your help! Use this creative package to share The Virginia Craft Beer Run with your friends.

Don’t forget to take screenshots of your shares and send them to Kaitlyn at for extra opportunities to be entered in our raffle drawing.

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I signed-up to go on a Virginia Craft Beer Run. Have you? The #vacraftbeerrun lasts the entire month of May! Learn more at

The #vacraftbeerrun is live! Have you signed up to go on a Virginia Craft Beer Run? Learn more at

Cooped up because of COVID-19? Enjoy some fresh air by going on a #vacraftbeerrun. Learn more at

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Racer Badges – Collect ’em all!

Link: Racer Badge

Email proof of your virtual tip jar contribution to Kaitlyn at for a “Patron of the Craft” Badge. Didn’t make a contribution? No worries — there’s an option to tip when you submit your running time!

After the race, use the VA Craft Beer Finder to make another beer run. Great craft beer makes staying home bearable!