Jethro Tull Hand Sanitizer

Jethro Tull Hand Sanitizer

The small businesses in Virginia today received a major endorsement for their hand sanitizer project from progressive rock and roll legend Ian Anderson, founding member of the band Jethro Tull for their efforts producing  an all “made in America” hand sanitizer.

The Virginia Hand Sanitizer consortium coordinated by the Center for Applied Innovation, LLC (CAI) in Yorktown, Virginia has been coordinating formulation and sales of 80% World Health Organization hand sanitizer to government agencies as well as donating thousands of gallons to first responders, healthcare workers, local charities and other during and following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Group continues to work diligently with a Virginia Service Disabled Veteran-Owned CAI and the non-profit Partners International Foundation’s Helping the Heroes project in a consortium to help produce and distribute volume production of sanitizers to regional health and emergency workers by leveraging Virginia distilleries, breweries, beer distributors, cider makers, and wineries to support this effort. The consortium provides a seamless, centrally managed, and decentralized operation to meet hand sanitizer needs while helping put people in Virginia back to work and keep them working in these sectors. To date the group has delivered hundreds of thousands of bottles purchased by State and local agencies as well as donated  thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer to a myriad to a growing number of local and regional charities.

Ian Anderson is lending his support to the effort by making it the “only officially sanctioned Jethro Tull sanitizer hand rub”.  Jethro Tull hand sanitizer is sold exclusively through the “Helping the Heroes” website with the proceeds helping small businesses remain open and funding the groups’ donation programs. 

“A wee drop of the strong stuff!  Of course for the hands only.  Keep yourself safe, and by doing that you keep others safe, too.  All in a good cause so choose this.  The only officially-sanctioned Jethro Tull sanitizer hand rub,” states Ian Anderson.

“This is an important long-term initiative for Virginia”, said Bob Morris the Center for Applied Innovation’s President. “100% of the hand sanitizer down to the bottles and boxes it is in comes from Virginia and other U.S. Small businesses.  This is a very important story of coming together to solve critical problems and keep American workers employed.”

A major reason for the endorsement is the quality of the hand sanitizer. It is strictly formulated in FDA registered facilities using the minimum 80% alcohol based formula World Health Organization recommends to be most effective against COVID-19 and other diseases and uses 100% organic ethanol from the same FDA registered US producers that provide it to other major hand sanitizer manufacturers. It’s packed in environmentally friendly 100% recyclable bottles by small businesses helping support our communities and keep small business employees working.

“The Virginia Manufacturers Association and Virginia Craft Brewers Guild are honored that Ian Anderson are branding a special edition of the Virginia Hand Sanitizer Consortium’s hand sanitizer,” said Brett Vassey, VMA & VCBG President & CEO.  “His generosity will help us reach thousands of critical infrastructure workers access locally manufactured hand sanitizer today.”

It is also important the public know the importance of properly formulated hand sanitizer.

“The formulation of this hand sanitizer sets it apart”, says Morris. “While the market is flooded inexpensive hand sanitizer using far less than the WHO recommended alcohol or other ingredients, scented or mixed with lotions that dilute active ingredient content, this hand sanitizer continues to meet the recommended WHO standards”. 

Order hand sanitizer to meet their needs by visiting the hand sanitizer store on the group’s website at:

Businesses, Federal, State and Local customers desiring to purchase hand sanitizer from the consortium can order it through the group’s main website at

“This is a critical time for these Virginia companies.” says Morris. “Many of them are operating deep in the red due to COVID-19 restrictions. They created a capacity people will need far into the future.  It is important that the public support these innovators now instead of buying cheap, sub-standard sanitizers that may flood the market.  Their donating the time and significant expense to produce and distribute this hand sanitizer is laudable and shows their commitment to the community. They all deserve whatever support we can provide them or we risk them not being available to save us again in the next complex emergency.”

The public can also donated by texting the keyword “Heroes2” to 71777 or contacting the group through the website:

Please note: The Jethro Tull Hand Sanitizers are only available in the USA.  
All Sales profit the charities: Virginia Service Disabled Veteran-Owned CAI and the non-profit Partners International Foundation’s Helping the Heroes.

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