Letter to the House Leadership Regarding Craft Beverage Federal Excise Tax (FET)

Over 340 bipartisan members of the House have signed on as cosponsors to H.R. 1175.

This legislation would make permanent the recalibrated Federal Excise Tax (FET) rates that were passed in 2017, again in 2019, and are set to expire in December 31 of this year. This FET relief has already proven to work just as Congress believed it would. Prior to COVID-19, beverage alcohol producers and importers were reinvesting in their business, hiring new employees, purchasing American-made equipment, and increasing purchases from local agriculture suppliers. H.R. 1175 will help strengthen these Main Street businesses and preserve American jobs not just in the alcohol beverage industry but also retail, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Review the letter here

Thank you to the following Virginia Representatives for cosigning this letter:

  • Rep. Denver Riggleman (Virginia’s 5th District)
  • Rep. Ben Cline (Virginia’s 6th District)
  • Rep. Jennifer Wexton (Virginia’s 10th District)

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